Baptism of children of Non-practicing Catholics

Question from Kevin on 1/14/2008:

Dear Father:

I have been concerned for my niece and nephews. My brother in law has been Baptized, rec'd the Sacrament of Eucharist, Confession and has been Confirmed. He is married, but is a non-practicing Catholic. He teaches his children to be morally virtuous as well as encourages them to read the Bible. My question is, because he has rec'd the Sacraments and is knowledgeable of the grace and importance of these, will his children (ages 13, 10 and 8) go to Heaven if they are not Baptized or have not rec'd any of the Sacraments? Moreover, will my brother in law be spared in Purgatory or go to Hell, as he is willingly not practicing his faith and living in Mortal Sin? What does he need to do to?

God Bless! Kevin

Answer by Fr. Robert J. Levis on 1/15/2008:

Kevin, Let's not judge him. Much more work to do today with him. He needs some simple catechesis. Why did Jesus leave us these Sacraments if he didn't intend all of us to enjoy them? Why did he leave us the Church, the priests and religious to teach? Never mind where ultimately where we all end up. Work with him to show how heedless and wrong the present style is. Love them all and let them know why you love them, why Jesus loves them and died for them. They can't ignore Him and eventually they will come around. Have hope and Faith.Fr. Bob Levis

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