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Question from Brett Elcock on 4/2/2008:

i am so confused about the use of the daily roman missal.

i am 100% disabled USMC veteran and have just come back to the faith and because of this small town, only one parish and 2 priests i can not get anyone to just tell me what is what.

i watch mass everyday on tv,my vat II sunday missal does not help; when for instance the ewtn does mass each day they have so much in latin in the service,i still have my old 1962 missal but that does not help.

a friend from our vietnam time said to buy the new "approved" roman missal that follows the new revised standard version bible and lectionary.

is this approved? and more important will it help follow the mass i watch on tv both in the us and from rome?

please someone just give me an answer beside i must just use the missal from the national conference of catholic bishops because i get no where there.

thankyou and God Bless


Answer by Fr. John Echert on 4/2/2008:

First, as a military Catholic Chaplain, let me thank you for your service and the sacrifice you have made for your Country. The 1962 Missal is that of the Tridentine Mass, which is approved for use in the Universal Church but is not presently universally available--we offer daily and Sunday Masses in the Tridentine form in my parishes but at this point most parishes do not have this form of the Mass.

The prayers and biblical readins of the Mass of Pope Paul VI of 1969 differ substantially from you 1962 Missal. You may wish to resubmit your question to an EWTN person in the field of Liturgy, as to the best way to obtain a missal for the more modern Mass of 1969.

God bless,

Chaplain Father John Echert

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