abortion & euthanasia

Question from dave on 4/15/2008:

Judie, thank you for answering my question( I am the original questioner).In your answer about the pregnant woman, are you saying the baby's death is the 'means'? Also, I don't understand your use of Father Hardon's example. For instance,which of the (4) conditions are not met in the question involving the mother? Thanks & God bless, Dave

Answer by Judie Brown on 4/16/2008:
Dear Dave

I think the easiest way to help clarify this is to make a single point about intent:

If the intent is to cause the death of either mother or child, then the act is wrong! If the intent is to save both lives and in the process one life is lost, that is sad but it is not direct killing.

Does that make sense to you?

Judie Brown

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