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Question from jb on 4/16/2008:

There is this game website i regularly visit that provides some of the best coverage in the video game industry. However, I ran into a video they shot where it appeared(only appeared it did not actually take place) that two video game characters were engaging in oral sex.I should clarify one thing, this wasnt a video THEY shot but was footage pulled from a game where this action took place.There was no nudity in the footage itself, again it only appeared as if the two characters where engaging in oral sex.One can say, why dont you just find a new gaming website, but this website really offers the best content.MY question is,does this make viewing other unrelated content on this site sinful?

Answer by Fr. Robert J. Levis on 4/18/2008:
JB, Make a clean break with this outlet. If they showed this immorality once, they will do it as often as they think people watch it. Ignore the outlet completely, if possible. Fr. Bob Levis

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