Apparition "Virgen del Pozo"

Question from Anonymous on 4/9/2008:

What can you tell me about the Virgen del Pozo (Virgin of the Well) apparition in Puerto Rico? I heard the apparition was unapproved by the bishops there and that the orders established as a result of this apparition (Misioneros de Cristo Sacerdote and Hermanas Misioneras de la Restitucion) are to be avoided, or somthing of the like. The thing is, my parish priests belong to the Misioneros de Cristo Sacerdote. They're great people, but all this these claims (true or not) are bothering me.

This relevant spanish Q & A says to get away immedietley from these people (Hermanas Misioneras de la Restitucion)

Any advice?

Answer by Fr. Jay Toborowsky on 4/14/2008:
I don't know anything about it. Sorry.

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