Receiving Communion while still in a state of mortal sin.

Question from LS on 4/10/2008:

Hello Father. I have a question regarding the reception of communion in a state of mortal sin. I know that we are not supposed to receive communion while in the state of mortal sin, however a priest told me once that if you make an act of perfect contrition and have the desire for confession you can receive communion and go to confession afterwards. Is this true? I thought you weren't allowed to receive under any circumstances. I thought you had to do confession first. Thank you for clearing up this confussion and God Bless!

Answer by Fr. Robert J. Levis on 4/12/2008:
LS, I agree with the advice of this priest but only in special cases, e.g. for some reason (getting married with no opportunity to confess) yes, on such an occasion I think saying an act of perfect charity will permit one to receive Communion without further sin. God bless you. Fr Bob Levis

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