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Question from Chris on 4/13/2008:

Hello Father,

I never thought much about doing housework, errands, etc. on Sundays (of course, after going to Mass) until I saw a question and answer on this forum that said it was a sin. Please clarify this for me if you would. Is it a sin to do housework or clean your car or perform other household errands on Sundays? If it is, to what degree is it a sin? In other words, if you cook during the day, can you do the dishes? I totally understand that Sundays should be put aside to spend time focusing on our faith, to renew ourselves for the week. But I really need to understand if resting on Sundays literally means no shopping, no running errands, no cleaning, etc. and what the consequences are if you do. Thanks. Chris

Answer by Fr. Robert J. Levis on 4/16/2008:
Chris, the law forbids unnecessary and heavy work on Sundays, not necessary things. I consider it sinful to wash the car on Sunday in most instances (tho sometimes it can be justified). Preparing meals and cleaning up afterwards surely is not sinful. So the rule is this: is it necessary? Fr. Bob Levis

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