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Question from laura on 4/20/2008:

Hi, Father Levis-I was wondering-I went to mass with my kids today at the base chapel (Sunday morning) and found a host on the floor broken up. At the end of mass, I picked it up and wrapped it in paper and took it up to the church coordinator. She said that the right thing was to consume it. I couldn't-for some unknown reason, I just am unable to do it so she took it. I think that it might have been there from yesterday's mass. I was thinking that with it being on the floor, perhaps it can be taken to the (not sure what it's called) where the chalice is washed out at in reference to any droplets of the blood. Is it called the sacristy? Did I do anything wrong? The priest is filling in for the next two weeks for the Nigerian priest who is on vacation-should I have mentioned this to him anyways? Thanks, Father-I just hope that I wasn't disrespectful in any way to our Lord. Laura

Answer by Fr. Robert J. Levis on 4/21/2008:
Laura, You did the best you knew how to act. The important thing was to see that the Eucharist was not sacrilegiously treated. Consuming the Eucharist is best, but also it could be dissolved in fresh water and broken up by dissolution in the sacrarium, a small sink designed for problems like this. The drain is directly into the earth. Many thanks, Laura. Fr. Bob Levis

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