Receiving Communion on the road

Question from Leonard on 4/21/2008:

Fr. Levis,

I am an over the road truck driver which makes it impossible to receive the Eucharist on the road. I was wondering if it is possible to purchase a Pyx to carry the Eucharist in so that I can take it through the week while I’m working? I just miss being able to attend Mass and being able to receive our Lord every week. Thank you for your time.

Answer by Fr. Robert J. Levis on 4/22/2008:
Leonard, Such a plan is forbidden. Only the minister of the Eucharist may carry it e.g. to the sick. Leonard, my old Dad got off work on Sunday only every 6 or 7 weeks. On those days he steadfastly received Communion, as on Wednesday or Friday, rarely on Sunday because he was working. YOu are making great sacrifice in trying to feed your family, which is the basic work of every Dad. God bless you. Fr. Bob Levis

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