false miracles vs actual

Question from Debra on 4/19/2008:

Father, I was reading recently about pseudocyesis, which is a falst pregnancy, a woman can have all the symptoms of pregnancy, including a larger abdomen. If someone thinks about something all the time, is totally absorbed in it, they can hallucinate or have physical signs. How does the church figure out what might be caused by psychological things or something real when a, for example, cloistered nun or priest say they have talked to Jesus or Mary or similar things? They are so involved in that aspect of prayer and total commitment....I just wondered how do they judge it?

Answer by Fr. Robert J. Levis on 4/20/2008:
Debra, There is a large commission in the Vatican that investigates nothing but the reputed miracles and sanctity of reparted saints-to-be..It takes them years for most cases. Fr. Bob Levis

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