Picture of Saint Athanasius

Question from Peewee Munson on 4/9/2008:

Can You Please Provide me a Picture of Saint Athanasius, Co'z in our church here in Long Beach California Which our Parish Church is Saint Athanasius,

We Dont have Any Picture or Statue of the Said Patron Saint.

This will be one of my wife and I Project to provide our Parish Church with Picture or Statue of Saint Athanasius.

My Home Phone No:(562)912-7796 My work Phone NO:(562)633-3773 ask for my Wife Josie Munson

Thanks a Lot: Peewee Munson

Answer by Fr. Jay Toborowsky on 4/14/2008:
I don't have any pictures of St. Athanasius. You might try web search engines like Yahoo or Google, who have whole sections dedicated to images. Type in St. Athanasius and see what you get.

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