The rosary

Question from Angela on 4/17/2008:

I would like to know if it is okay to wear a rosary around the neck.

Answer by Catholic Answers on 4/17/2008:

So long as the purpose of doing so is devotional in nature, and not as a fashion statement or for inappropriate purposes, sure.

Michelle Arnold
Catholic Answers

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  1. I must admit that this used to bother me a bit, especially where today's youth are concerned. It seems for many to be nothing more than a fashion statement, something vogue and in style.

    But then I thought that it is better for them to wear a rosary instead of Nike logo or marijuana leaf.

    And if they are wearing a rosary it might be because somewhere along the line, someone gave them one, they learned how to pray it in their youth. . and so maybe they still haven't experienced the real power of praying it, but they know that, somehow, it's important.

    As for others, those of us who understand what a rosary is and what it is used for, I see nothing wrong with wearing it. In fact, I see it as a form of public testimony of faith.