Kennedy,Pelosi and other's Recieving Communion !!

Question from Larry on 4/18/2008:

Judy when i read about the Pro Abortion politicians recieving communion i find it totally disgusting due to the fact that i blame the Priest and Bishops for allowing such sacriledge.Most politicians are no longer people with integrity but people who only care about the next election result's and i honestly believe most would sell our Country and their soul's for Votes.Believe me Judy as one who was raised Protestant i can guarantee you most non Catholic's will see the fact that Pro Abortion people like Kennedy and others that were allowed to recieve Communion as Proof of Catholic Church being Hypocritical just like they did when they saw the Church giving Speacial services to mobsters.And then to read that Kennedy was treated speacial is almost enough for me to say enough is enough and time to leave a Church who's leader's have become so unChrist like.It is so Spirit breaking and i'm beginning to understand why so many are leaving the Church and almost every one of them that i've talked too left because of the hypocrisy they felt they saw.And now were suppose to go and convince them to return.GOD save us as it appears were incapable of doing so........

Answer by Judie Brown on 4/22/2008:
Dear Larry

I have chosen to take action about this because I too believe it is a source of grave scandal and could have been avoided if Archbishop Wuerl (at the D.C. Papal Mass) and Cardinal Egan (at the New York City Papal Mass) had simply made a public announcement prior to the Mass beginning that no public figure who supports the act of abortion should present himself or herself for Holy Communion.

That was not done and I have written to both prelates and send copies of my letters to the proper officials in the Vatican including the Holy Father's secretary.

Judie Brown

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