Holy Spirit

Question from EQ on 4/22/2008:

Is there a varying degree to which the power of the Holy Spirit is present in some people, specifically priests? In other words, can the Holy Spirit flow through some priests more freely than others, resulting in special gifts given to them or to the person they are blessing or are in contact with? It has been said that there is a priest in our parish who has the power to read one's soul and that he can sense when someone is not revealing all the sins in their soul during confession. Another of our priests has the ability to calm any baby he comes in contact with. I have seen this happen and several times with my own child. Is this what is called a charism? This same priest confirmed me and soon after he annointed my forehead I felt a very warm sensation running through my entire body. Does he have a special gift of the Holy Spirit or is this a common occurence?

Answer by Fr. Robert J. Levis on 4/24/2008:
Dear EQ, Yes by all means, the Holy Spirit is much more active in some souls than in others, in some priests, and in some bishops. I would venture to say that as a soul is gifted with divine help, the Spirit effects this. No one grows except in and with the Holy Spirit. The charisms come thru him. Fr. Bob Levis

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