Our Lady of Hope

Question from J. B. on 4/18/2008:

I'm wondering if anyone is familiar with Our Lady of Hope. I have a statue of a pregnant shepherdess and it appears to be our Lady. The bottom of the statue says Our Lady of Hope, but I cannot find this statue anywhere. This is a beautiful and unique statue of what appears to be Our Lady pregnant with Jesus. Can anyone help?

Answer by Catholic Answers on 4/18/2008:
J. B.--

You can find out more about devotion to Our Lady of Hope by clicking here. The Our Lady of Hope apparition is also known as Our Lady of Pontmain because of her appearance at Pontmain, France, in 1871. More information can be found by clicking here.

Michelle Arnold
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  1. dsliao2@hotmail.comSeptember 30, 2008

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