Receiving holy Communion

Question from CGA on 4/24/2008:

I have friends who refused to receive holy Communion from eucharistic ministers and will switch to a priest. I mentioned that they should follow the Vatican and not what they have read but they've said that they're following their conscience.

Answer by Catholic Answers on 4/24/2008:

If it does not cause a disturbance to the Communion lines, there is nothing wrong with positioning oneself to receive Communion from a priest. In my church, for example, I know exactly in what section to sit to receive the host from the priest and find a seat there so I can do so. I do however often receive the cup from an extraordinary minister.

But if seeking to receive Communion from a priest holds up or otherwise disturbs distribution of Communion, then it is better to receive Communion from the ordinary or extraordinary minister most readily available. Of course, if someone prefers not to receive at all rather than receive from an EMHC, he is free to do so, presuming he meets the obligation to receive Communion at least once per year during the Easter season. Catholics are not required to receive Communion at every Mass they attend.

Michelle Arnold
Catholic Answers

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