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Question from anonymous on 4/20/2008:

Why does the Cathikuc Church not express its position against Abortionl Same Sex Marriage, Homo Sexuals. and many other subjects that Jesus tells many visionaries that are his mandates. I can't understand how nearly 50% of the Catholics are for abortion instead of pro life, when Jesus is sodead against it, as he has explained to many visionaries including those in Medjugorje. The pope is not going to change the churchs position. Thanks

Answer by Judie Brown on 4/22/2008:
Dear Anonymous

The most concise response to your question is that there is a crisis of faith in America. Too many Catholics are not in agreement with Church teaching and see nothing wrong with disagreement. I have written a book about this which might be of interest to you. It is called: Saving Those Damned Catholics.

The book is a defense of Catholic teaching.

Judie Brown

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