Blessed Mother's pregnancy

Question from Lupe Rivera on 4/14/2008:

Why do some priest continue to say that our at mass?

I think that this gives young girls a reason to go out and have sexual relations before getting married.

She was betrothed to St. Joseph that in Jewish Tradition she was already married as I understand.

Is this right or wrong?

Thank you amd God Bless.


Answer by Fr. Jay Toborowsky on 4/17/2008:
Though it's not clear, I think you're saying that some priests talk about Mary being an "unwed mother". Yes, you're correct. In Jewish law, engagement to be married was much more than just a ring on a finger. Sadly, in this world today, many believe that a couple engaged can have the same sex life of a couple married (especially when there are so many living together).

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