Missing part of Mass

Question from Larry on 3/29/2008:

A friend of mine who has to work Sunday and on Easter went to Easter Vigil to full fill his Easter Obligation. Due to the late hour's of the Vigil he left after the Homily and did not stay for Communion as it was getting very late and he had to be to work by 7:30am.I told him i thought he had full filled his Obligation as he stayed for the Gospel reading.He is very worried whether he is in mortal sin for leaving before the Communion. So i told him i would get a answer for him here as he has no computer..... Thank You ..... Larry

Answer by Rev. Mark J. Gantley, JCL on 3/31/2008:
I don't see how this fulfilled his obligation to attend Mass for Easter. However, perhaps considering the circumstances, his sin was not grave.

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