new baby and baptism

Question from dee on 3/25/2008:

if an unmarried couple had a child, it is good to have the baby baptized. In the old days, couple had to be married at first. Is this still a rule? certainly cant deny the baby of baptism, if the parents arent married yet. hope it will be soon.

Answer by Rev. Mark J. Gantley, JCL on 3/31/2008:
There is no requirement that the parents be baptized in order to have their child baptized. The question of baptism or delay of baptism is decided by whether or not the child will be raised in the faith.

It is pastorally appropriate, however, for priests and others to teach about the importance of marriage when the parents request the baptism. It should be treated as a separate issue though so that parents are not coerced into marriage in order to have their child baptized. (This might make the marriage invalid

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