work on Holy Day of Obligation

Document Title: "Follow-up question regarding work on Holy Day of Obligation
Question from on 05-10-2007:
Dear Father,

Thank you for responding to my earlier question. I am following up on my earlier question regarding whether or not it is permissible to work on a holy day, to seek a bit of clarification. You indicated that 'Canon Law 1247 obliges all of us to abstain from labors and business concerns which impede the worship of God or the joy proper to the Lord's Day, or the proper relaxation of mind and body.' I am familiar with this passage, which I believe is also referenced in the Catechism. I am trying to understand better what this actually means. Does it mean those labors which impede us from worshiping God and getting relaxation, implying that work should not 'crowd out' the Mass and spending some meaningful time with God. Or does it imply that all labors by definition impede us, and so we may do nothing whatsoever on a Holy Day except attend Mass, relax, etc.?

Perhaps the Church has left no explicit interpretation of this passage of Canon Law. I have received conflicting advice on this holy day work topic from clergy in the past, including from a conservative priest who has studied Canon Law in Rome, who indicated it"

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