Eucharist Prayer

Eucharist Prayer
Question from on 05-30-2007:
Our pastor told me that it takes the whole Eucharistic Prayer and the FAITH of the people to make Jesus present on the altar. That the words "This is My Body and "This is My Blood" are thinking in a box. I asked at what point is Jesus truly present and he said that it was a matter of faith. He adds and subtracts words from all the Eucharistic prayers all the time. This same priest has, at times, omitted the words "This is My Body" from the Mass. He says all the words up to that point (his rendition at least) and then he pauses and says nothing. He goes on to consecrate the wine. He never holds the host but does lift up the glass bowl. He does bow after the consecration of the wine. I am confused. If he omits the words "This is My Body" is Jesus present? Is He just present as Precious Blood only? I thought the words and matter are what is necessary. Also, an extraordinary Eucharistic minister told me that if he took a unconsecrated host to a sick person and they did not know it and thought it was Jesus; then they would receive Jesus. Is this true? Thanks for your help.
Answer by Rev. Mark J. Gantley, JCL on 05-30-2007:
What nonsense. He clearly does not understand the Roman liturgy.

The words of consecration are the "form" of the Eucharist. Without the "form," then the consecraction is invalid.

The proper term for a lay person bringing Holy Communion is an extraordinary minister of Holy Communion. If such a person took an unconsecrated host to a sick person, the sick person would only be receiving bread, regardless of the opinion of the sick person.

These things are too serious for such a flippant attitude.

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