Divorced Deacon

Document Title: "Divorced Deacon
Question from on 05-01-2007:
Can a Permanent Deacon remain a Deacon after he gets a divorce from his wife of 30+ years?
Answer by Fr. Jay Toborowsky on 05-11-2007:
A divorce is a civil dissolution of the legal contract of marriage. It does not, and cannot, affect the supernatural bond created by the Sacrament of Marriage. So on one hand, a divorced Deacon is still, in the Church's eyes, married to that wife. Not knowing the particular circumstances here, perhaps she asked for the divorce and he did not want to pursue it. But, at the very least, there is absolutely no question that, even though the civil government may see him as free to remarry, in the Church's eyes there is no question he should not even think of any kind of dating."

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