dancing in front of the alter

Document Title: "dancing in front of the alter
Question from on 05-10-2007:
Blessings Father!

The Sister at my daughter's school is making them twirl and dance down the aisle and in fornt of the alter for the May Crowning. My daughter tried to bringing it up that it was appropriate. But Sister just waved her hands around and said it was ok, not a big deal. My daughter is extremely uncomfortable doing this. I know I should talk to Sister but knowing her I dont think it would do much good. Would it be ok for my daughter to not show up for Mass? It is a weekday Mass so we wouldnt be missing our Sunday obligaiton.

Thanks and God Bless! Anon
Answer by Fr. Robert J. Levis on 05-11-2007:
Anon, I suggest the child tell Sister that her family disagrees with her about this dance down the aisle. Be open and right up front. I agree that the child should not attend. Fr. Bob Levis"

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