Obedience to Bishop & New Church

Document Title: "Obedience to Bishop & New Church
Question from on 05-25-2007:
My son tells me that we parishioners are obligated to obedience to our bishop who wants us to build a new mega church. We have two fine churches now, one on the historic register, that are nowhere near full during the regular weekly Masses. Am we obligated to dig into our pockets to the tune of $12+ million to fund a mega church?

Thanks for all of your efforts on our behalf, Fr. Levis,

Answer by Fr. Robert J. Levis on 05-25-2007:
Rolly, As a lay member of your Church, as one of the financial supporters of the parish and the diocese, Yes, you have the prudence of knowing exactly how to support the diocese. YOu make a hard point here especially today when finances are so much in real need for real causes. Fr. Bob Levis"

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