St John of the Cross

Document Title: "St John of the Cross
Question from on 05-21-2007:
Fr Levis,

Is it better for a man to give up all pleasures of the world (coffee,alcohol,cigars,etc.) by completely denying himself or is it better to use such pleasures in moderation? I would like to best understand what St John of the Cross means when he says we must deny all our desires if we are to grow in holiness.

God Bless
Answer by Fr. Robert J. Levis on 05-22-2007:
Greg, St. John does not condemn the use of things like coffee, cigars, etc. but their abuse, their misuse, the love of them for themselves, the excessive love of these things. ONe uses all of God's creatures with thanksgiving and moderation until God calls him to do more, to accept the Dark Night of the Senses which is a divine call for purging. I heartily recommend St. John's Dark NIght, especially how he gives the deep reasons for restraint in the use of God's creatures. It is profound. Fr. Bob Levis"

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