Canon 917

Document Title: "Canon 917
Question from on 05-10-2007:
I have a two fold question. I in Diaconate Formation and currently studying Canon Law. Last night we discussed Canon 917 in regards to how many times a person can receive communion on a given day. The commentary as well as our instructor indicated that communion, without regards to Canon 921 $2, can receive communion twice as long as they attend Mass. However the question which surfaced was regards to Deacons. 905 $2 permits a priest to celebrate Mass more than once, twice or even three times if the local Ordinary approves the need. However, no where in Canon does it indicate that if a Deacon must assist at these Masses is he permitted to receive communion more than twice.

But, I'm trying to read Canon 917 to see where it stipulates twice, although I'm told the intent of 917 was to limit the multiple receptions of communion.

Canon 917 says 'One who has received the blessed Eucharist may receive it again on the same day...' Where does it limit it to twice? Thanks....Jack
Answer by Rev. Mark J. Gantley, JCL on 05-11-2007:
There was an official interpretion from the Pontifical Council for the Authentic Interpretation of Legislative Texts stating that 'again' meant 'a second ti"

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