Mel Gibson's The Passion

Mel Gibson's The Passion
Question from on 04-02-2007:
What age do you feel is appropriate to show students Mel Gibson's the Passion of Christ? It is rated R for violence. Does the diocese have a guideline or policy regarding R rated movies with parent permission? Is it appropriate for a Catholic grade school to show this movie to students? Thank you, Mary Kay Haneline
Answer by David Gregson on 05-01-2007:
I don't know what diocese you belong to, but the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops gave the film an A-III rating, meaning for adults only. It was deemed "much too intense for children." That said, it may be questioned whether children regularly exposed to violent films glorifying evil (on satellite/cable stations and/or dvd) should be shielded against a realistic dramatization of what it cost the Savior to deliver us from evil.

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