The Crucifix

Document Title: "The Crucifix
Question from on 05-09-2007:
Where ever the Crucifix is displayed, It is shown with a 'clean corpus' of Jesus. Why is that so? If we look upon the cross to remind us of the Passion and suffering to death of our Savior for us, why isn't the figure of Christ displayed in such a manner? If we were to know the passion and suffering, we would see a bloody figure with scourge wounds, beard and hear shown when spit, sweat, blood, etc. from the treatment and crown of thorns. Most crucifix that i see are void of such, only the wounds of the nails and the spear are generaly shown .Is it that we could not take a view of the true conditions of the passion? are we too week to view this or are we not allowing us to have to see this scene? I believe that if the represation tht is shown on the crucifix were more to realiaty, we all might better understand the suffering that Jesus went thru for us??or are do we want our view of the crucifixion to be 'tolerable' to our eyes and mind?
Answer by David Gregson on 05-29-2007:
There are crucifixes of the Spanish style that display more of the physical wounds inflicted on our Savior. But if complete accuracy were attempted, I'm afraid no one would"

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