instituted acolytes

instituted acolytes
Question from on 05-14-2007:
I have been serving my parish and others in my diocese for some time as sacrastin, acolyte, extraordinary minister, & home bound.

I have read many articles referring to instituted acolytes. IS this still a ministry which a lay person can request or evolve into. I find great joy serving the Church in this way and wish instruction or direction in this matter

Thank You
Answer by Rev. Mark J. Gantley, JCL on 05-15-2007:
It is my impression that, in most dioceses, the only men instituted as acolytes by the bishop are those men preparing for ordination as a deacon or priest.

The last time I posted an answer about instituted acolytes, someone from the diocese of Lincoln, Nebraska said that they have many instituted acolytes there. So apparently there are some exceptions.

It seems to me that the reason why the practice of having lay persons instituted as acolytes and lectors never really caught on is because these installed ministries are only open to men.

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