Divine Mercy

Divine Mercy
Question from on 04-16-2007:
Dear sirs,

I am a firm believer in Divine Mercy and St. Faustina's writings. I have a friend who says he does not believe Catholics need to pay attention or participate in Divine Mercy Sunday because his parish priest does not talk about it from the pulpit, therefore it is not of importance to him. Divine Mercy was a topic on the Adult and teen list for weekly religious education at his parish a couple of years ago. It was full of all of the background information one can get and I believe he attended. This parish provides a Divine Mercy devotion hour also. The cathrdral as well as other parishes in the diocese hold special masses and services on Divine Mercy Sunday. Is there a way to guide this person to see the wonderful gift Our Lord has given us in Divine Mercy?

Thank you in advance, Christine Swim
Answer by David Gregson on 05-04-2007:
I would ask your friend whether his parish priest should have a greater influence on his faith than Pope John Paul II. Then refer him to the Holy Father's homily, Sr. Faustina: God's Gift to Our Time, on the occasion of her canonization.

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