The after life

Document Title: "The after life
Question from on 05-04-2007:
I have a sister who died nearly 13 years ago. She was only 17. 4 days ago she would have turn 30 if she was alive. This milestone has brought a lot of grief to my family. I have 2 questions which I need an answer to. 1. A relative has admitted of using witchcraft to cause her death; what would happen to her as far as going to heaven when her life has been taken away before her time? 2. Would she be allowed in heaven even if she had some sins?
Answer by Richard Geraghty on 05-09-2007:
Dear Vanessa,

No body dies unless God allows it. God sets the time. Thus even though murderers feel that they have god-like power in ending another's life, God is the final master. Concerning your second question: don't go asking it because it will cause only more grief. The Church says to pray for their souls. So that is why Catholics pray for the souls of the deceased and then leave the rest to God. Creatures are creatures and have to live in that way, leaving what belong to God to God.

Dr. Geraghty"

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