First Saturdays

First Saturdays
Question from on 04-20-2007:
I never hear anybody mentioning making a Communion of Reparation on five first Saturdays anymore. Is this still done? Another question related to this is, should we receive Holy Communion at a Sat morning Mass or just go to the Vigil Mass? (Since this is really the Sunday Mass, does it take away from the purpose of making an extra effort on Saturday?)

Answer by Rev. Mark J. Gantley, JCL on 05-05-2007:
It is my understanding of the devotion that it is meant to encourage attendance at the daily Mass of Saturday, not a Sunday vigil Mass celebrated on Saturday evening.

In the liturgy, it is option to celebrate a devotional Mass in honor of Mary on days which would otherwise be ferial days (ordinary days), which is consistent with this devotion.

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