Choosing Godparents

Choosing Godparents
Question from on 05-01-2007:
Fr. Jay,

Welcome to EWTN :) I used to live in the Diocese of Trenton, NJ (now the Diocese of Phila.), very close to the Diocese of Metuchen.

My question concerns choosing appropriate godparents for my and my husband's soon-to-be-born child. We don't have any family members who are strong, passionate Catholics. Also, we don't have a lot of Catholics in general in the family, as many don't practice any religion at all.

We were thinking of contacting our parish priest about his recommendations for godparents, but are hesitant with going with "strangers" from the parish, even though any parishoner I am sure would do a greater job than any of our family members in providing spiritual direction to our baby. Luckily we have over 6 months before the baby is born to decide, and perhaps to get to know someone in the parish...

I hear this is a common concern, do you have any advice for my husband and I? In your experience, what have you seen other undecided couples do?

Thank you.
Answer by Fr. Jay Toborowsky on 05-04-2007:
I think you have the correct attitude about the role of Godparents, and I congratulate you for that! "Godparent" is not an award bestowed on some family member or friend in recognition of being such a good pal. "Godparent" is a role, a task. Spend some time seeking to meet people in the parish. Or, perhaps if there's someone in your family, you can "lay it on the line" and tell them that if they want the role, they've got to earn it (and they have 6 months to do so) by being a responsible Catholic.

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