Seven Dolors Rosary

Document Title: "Seven Dolors Rosary
Question from on 05-24-2007:
Years ago my grandmother gave me a Seven Dolors Rosary. I would like to find out any information on the origin of the Seven Dolors.
Answer by Catholic Answers on 05-24-2007:

The Seven Dolors are the Seven Sorrows of Mary. The Seven Sorrows are as follows:

-- The piercing of Mary's heart predicted at Jesus' presentation in the Temple
-- The flight into Egypt
-- Searching for the child Jesus in Jerusalem
-- Meeting Christ on the road to Calvary
-- Standing near the cross of Christ
-- Receiving the body of Christ from the cross
-- The burial of Christ

You can find out more information about the Rosary of the Seven Sorrows (also called the Servite Rosary) by clicking here.

Michelle Arnold
Catholic Answers"

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