Burial After Cremation

Document Title: "Burial After Cremation
Question from on 05-06-2007:
Father Mark recently answered a question about cremation, and in the response he stated that the remains must be buried. Must the ashes be buried immediately following cremation? My in-laws want us to cremate both of them and mix their ashes together before burial. So the one who passes first wouldn't be buried until the other one passes. Is it wrong to be a party to this? Thanks for your insight.
Answer by Rev. Mark J. Gantley, JCL on 05-09-2007:
Mixing ashes sounds a little strange. After all, we will not be 'mixed' people in the resurrection of the dead but unmarried individuals.

There is no provision for unduly delaying the burial of the human remains of a person, even if cremated.

Reader of this forum Irene added: 'There is no need to delay burial of the ashes after cremation if a couple wants to be in the same urn. Companion urns accomodate this. Most urns are not buried, but placed in a niche. The niche can easily be reopened when the 2nd person passes. We did this for my inlaws, and my husband and I have the same arrangements for ourselves.'"

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