Communion at wedding service

Communion at wedding service
Question from on 05-14-2007:
I recently attended the wedding of a friend that was held in an Episcopal church. Her husband is Catholic and the pastor of his church was there to co-officiate at the ceremony.

Listed in the program, and during the ceremony by the Episcopal minister who was presiding, was an invitation for "all Christians to receive communion." The service included some familiar elements of the eucharistic prayer. However, I was not sure if I should receive, particularly since the Catholic priest did not distribute communion. So I elected not to receive communion.

Did I do the right thing?
Answer by Catholic Answers on 05-14-2007:

Yes, you did the right thing by electing not to receive. Catholics may not receive communion in a Protestant church because the communion is not valid and because it would imply a sacramental unity that does not, as yet, exist. It is unfortunate that the Catholic priest who was co-officiating did not speak up and say, "Those Catholics who are present are invited to make a spiritual communion through personal prayer but should not partake of the Episcopal communion." It is possible though that he was blindsided by the announcement and unsure of how to phrase the direction tactfully enough to avoid undue embarrassment to his host.

Michelle Arnold
Catholic Answers

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