Women wearing veil in church

Women wearing veil in church
Question from Annamarie on 8/26/2008:

Should a woman wear a veil or a hat to cover her head in church; and, if yes, is this optional?
Answer by Catholic Answers on 8/26/2008:


The Church no longer requires women to cover their heads in church. Whether or not a woman wears a veil or hat is up to her.

Michelle Arnold
Catholic Answers


  1. Where exactly does it say that? certasinly not in scripture. I have read no encyclicals saying that. ...and if your response is it is not in the GIRM, it never was.


  2. If a woman wishes to show respect for the Holy Sacrament and the Divine liturgy, she should always cover her head much in the same way women and men should wear appropriate clothing.

  3. The topic in question is clearly refered to in scriptures by Saul-that is Paul- in verse 1 Corinthians 11:6-10. If we choose not to follow it, then we must accept that it is not simply a trandition with a big "T" or a small "t" that we are disobeying, but the very word of God. Let us at least acknowledge that this is a weakness of ours- to follow what we think is right rather than what is written.

    The Russian Orthodox Church will not even allow a woman to enter unless she has her head covering on.