Age when children can choose to attend Mass

Age when children can choose to attend Mass
Question from William on 8/4/2008:

I would like to know at what point Catholic parents should cease to impose upon their children to assist at Mass if the children do not wish to attend.
Answer by Catholic Answers on 8/5/2008:


It's a prudential judgment call, so I can only give you my opinion: When the children establish their own home, they can decide whether or not to go to Mass. I can only recommend that attending Mass on Sundays and holy days be a "house rule" for Catholic families.

Of course, if for some just reason a parent allows an adult child to temporarily move back in, it may be reasonable not to enforce attendance at Mass on Sundays and holy days, but that assumes that the adult child is contributing to the household in a manner suitable to an adult and is not dependent on the parents in the manner of a minor child. In any case, expectations should be set down and agreed to before the adult child is allowed to move back home.

Michelle Arnold
Catholic Answers

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