Sunday wedding

Sunday wedding
Question from Pete on 8/7/2008:

I read a question about a wedding Mass on Sunday fullfilling our Sunday Mass obligation. I think that the answer was yes. I did not know that under ordinary circumstances we could get married on Sunday.
Answer by Catholic Answers on 8/8/2008:


I don't know which Q&A you were reading, but yes, couples may marry on Sunday and such a nuptial Mass would fulfill the Sunday obligation, although it is unlikely in most circumstances that a priest or deacon would agree to preside on that day due to regular Sunday duties.

But I think it is possible that you may have misunderstood the question. My guess is that it was asked whether a nuptial Mass on Saturday afternoon would count toward the Sunday obligation (just as a Saturday vigil Mass fulfills the obligation). The answer to that question is also yes.

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Michelle Arnold
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