Bishops on Pelosi

Bishops on Pelosi
Question from anonymous on 8/28/2008:

Judie, I think you are unjustly criticizing the Bishops regarding the Communion issue with Pelosi and others. First of all, their statements/quotes are being edited, so it is unfair to claim they didn't say anything about receiving Communion when you do not have absolute knowledge of the entire conversation or interview. Second, the bishops' first duty is to teach, so correcting the actual Catholic teaching on abortion and history is the rightful primary focus for them on this issue. Third, there is a specific process that bishops are obligated to follow prior to taking a public action like denying Communion, such as meeting privately with the individual first -- and that's another fact that would be unknown to you. Pelosi, Biden, and other pro-abortion politicians have indeed placed themselves outside of full communion with the Church, but that does not equate to excommunication. The bottom line is that your condemnation of the bishops is unjust and inappropriate, and that gossip and detraction are sins.
Answer by Judie Brown on 8/29/2008:

Dear Anonymous

Reporting the facts from the statements that various Bishops make on these questions is not unjust. I report what they write. I have a duty as do you to learn what is going on and to take note of it without any type of disrespect or pejorative language.

I am sorry that you do not see the reality of why it is so very important to protect Christ from sacrilege by denying pro-abortion Catholics in the public sphere the body and blood of Christ. It was none other than Nancy Pelosi herself who claimed that nobody has ever suggested to her that Holy Communion should be denied to her.

It seems to me we need to stick to the facts, Church law and the reality of the situation. I am condemning no one, but I am going to persist in the pursuit of justice regarding the respect that should be paid to the body of Christ and the duty ordained priests have to strive toward the salvation of souls.

Thank you for your comments.

Judie Brown

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