Why are thier age restrictions for religious nuns and sr.

Why are thier age restrictions for religious nuns and sr.
Question from Linda Zink on 6/24/2008:

I have prayinnng, meditation and making retreats seeking Gods will for me. I am only intrested in tradional communities. I am in excellant health and a profesional nurse R.N My heart and soul is starving to be in service God and is chrildren. I haaave querroed aboout 500 in the US with not luck. I need prayers and to hear the Vice of God wispering. I am young 58m no chrilfren. I am willing to go where ever God sends me with joy. I would apprieciate and assistance ot communites that may be intereest. May God sSrihg bightly on you Father
Answer by David Gregson on 8/7/2008:

The age restrictions of religious communities are based on various considerations. People long past their youth will likely have greater difficulty submitting to the discipline of an order because of their longer experience of independence. There is also concern about their health care, since the burdens of aging often become costly, and their ability to shoulder the responsibilities of the community is lessened. You are not old, and you may be hale and hearty, but rules are laid down to be applied people in general.

What I suggest is that you talk to your parish priest about the possibility of becoming a consecrated virgin. See Consecrated Virginity.

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