Predestination vs freewill

Predestination vs freewill
Question from adrian on 8/6/2008:

before i go directly to my question, i just would like to clarify something first.Jesus died to save mankind. So this gives us the assurance that everyone is already saved? And in connection to this,since we are already saved, then in one way or another, it has been what we are destined to be. then holding on to that fact that we are already predestined towards an end that Jesus had assured us, then what is still the purpose of free will?why is there a need for choices to us to make if no matter what choice we make, we are still sure that we will be saved? im really confused about this matter..thanks in advance..
Answer by David Gregson on 8/22/2008:

It's true that Jesus died for all mankind, but that doesn't mean all mankind will be saved. The death of Christ was sufficient for the salvation of all, in atoning for the sins of all who repent. That's where free will comes in. No one is forced to repent, and no one who does not repent will be saved.

It's true also that those who are predestined to salvation will be saved, but predestination to salvation includes our freely willing to repent and follow Christ. It sounds like a contradiction, that we could be predestined to will freely, but that's a mystery we can't solve. It's best to leave predestination in God's hands and concentrate on our part, which is to will to do what He commands.

No one can know whether he is predestined to salvation, but we have a good indication of our predestination as long as we are faithful in following Christ. If we fall away from Christ, we have grounds for concern, but not dispair. If we are concerned, it is because God is calling us back, and if we go back, confessing our sins and receiving absolution, then once again we may have grounds for confidence in our salvation.

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