Attending a wedding between Catholic and non-Catholic

Attending a wedding between Catholic and non-Catholic
Question from Ann on 7/1/2008:

Three members of my extended family are being married soon to non-Catholics without Church approval. Two will be married in Protestant churches, and one in a county park. I returned the RSVP by saying I will not attend -- no reaon given. Privately I've told my immediate family that I consider these sins, and that I cannot celebrate a sin. Family members label me an archconservative, and say that I am not being charitable to the family. I say that I would rather offend the family than offend God. Please tell me if I am wrong in my thinking. Thank you.

Sincerely, Ann

Answer by David Gregson on 8/18/2008:

No, you are absolutely right. Unfortunately, it has become customary to label someone who keeps the Faith as an "archconservative" or a "fundamentalist," as if it were better to accept only what one finds convenient in one's religion.

Marriage of a Catholic to a non-Catholic without a dispensation is an invalid marriage. It's a mockery of the sacrament of matrimony. However, in order to preserve family ties, and perhaps increase your good influence in the future, you could attend the reception.

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