Friday abstinence on a Holy Day of Obligation

Friday abstinence on a Holy Day of Obligation
Question from Judy on 8/11/2008:

Hello, Our family chooses to abstain from meat each Friday as our sacrifice in commemoration of the sacrifice of Christ on Good Friday. However, I have been told that when a holy day of obligation falls on a Friday, abstinence (or another sacrifice) is not necessary on that day. Since the Assumption is this Friday, does that mean we do not have to abstain this week in celebration of the Solemnity?
Answer by Rev. Mark J. Gantley, JCL on 8/20/2008:

If your family is abstaining as family penance, then canon law does not apply. It is your own self-imposed penance, which is fine.

However, it is inconsistent with the nature of a solemnities to fast.

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