Bringing Catholics back to the Church

Bringing Catholics back to the Church

Question from Terence on 8/1/2008:

fall my parish is conducting classes and seminars for those Catholics
who have left the Church; "fallen away," and want to return. I was
hoping to find someone who may have conducted or participated in such a
ministry in order to recieve feedback. We are looking to gain
information that may or may not have been successful to this type of
ministry. Can you help?

Answer by Catholic Answers on 8/1/2008:


You might want to contact Catholics Come Home for assistance. The articles at the links below may also be helpful.

Recommended reading:

How My Parish Fought Off an Invasion by Fr. Edward C. Petty (sidebar)

Catholics Reach Out to a Whole Town by Terrye Newkirk (sidebar)

Bring Them Back by Matthew Bunson (see sidebars to cover story)

Michelle Arnold

Catholic Answers

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