Rudy Guiliani receiving communion

Rudy Guiliani receiving communion

Question from Daniel Koutroulakis on 4/29/2008:

I recently also saw the report on Mayor Guiliani's reception of
communion at St.Patrick's during the Papal mass. Although I am
pro-life, I disagree with some bishops (such as Egan) who refuse to
administer the Eucharist to pro-choice politicians. If they are
Catholic, they should be allowed to receive communion. They shouldn't
be denied just because of their political views on certain issues. The
Church can't change the fact that they are pro-choice, that is just
their opinion quite simply, and as a politican, they are going to
acknowledge the consitutionality of legalized abortion because it is
federal law that is is allowed by Roe v.Wade. Do you realise how many,
many "sinners" come up to receive communion? Should the bishop deny
them then? Quite frankly, I believe that it is up to the communicant's
conscience and relationship with God to decide, not the USCCB.

Answer by Colin B. Donovan, STL on 7/2/2008:

because a politican utters a view doesn't make it "political" and
therefore outside the Church's authority. Who can and cannot receive
Holy Communion is ABSOLUELY the decision of the Church, and one, I
might add, protected by the First Amendment.

difference between a politican who promotes, tolerates and defends
abortion "rights" and the average Joe who commits mortal sin and goes
to communion without going to confession is NOT in the gravity of the
sacrilege, both commit sacrilege, but in the public scandal. Many such
politicians flaunt their ability to do it, and then glory in the name
Catholic for election purposes while contradicting Church moral
teachings on multiple issues. This is why the bishops' tactic of
"diplomacy" and "prudence" over the last 40 years has failed.

bless Archbishop Burke for doing not only the right thing, but the
prudent thing, given the failure of every other policy in this regard!

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