Songs at a funeral

Songs at a funeral

Question from Agnes on 7/31/2008:

is the proper approach to a pastor who agreed to allow these songs to
be sung at the dismissal at a funeral: "When Irish Eyes are Smiling"
and "Take Me Out to the Ball Game"? I think it would be a disgrace.
Help, please.

Answer by Catholic Answers on 7/31/2008:


the pastor allowed it because the deceased was a baseball fan of Irish
heritage. Rather than become confrontational over what was probably a
well-intentioned concession to a grieving family, I recommend
presenting the pastor with constructive suggestions for how to
accommodate grief-stricken families while still preserving the dignity
of the funeral (either with a Mass or without a Mass). For example, you
might recommend that he suggest to families that such songs be played
at a wake for the deceased instead of at the funeral.

Michelle Arnold

Catholic Answers

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