Old Testament

Old Testament
Question from Nora on 6/26/2008:

When I read the old testament and see how much murder and annihilation of peoples including innocent children there were by the Israelites. How can God allow this when he clearly told his people Thou shall not kill.
Answer by David Gregson on 8/8/2008:

We can't read all of Scripture in light of one text. When there appears to be a contradiction, we have to consider the context. The Ten Commandments were addressed to individuals, not to kings, judges, and others in authority. Acting as individuals, even kings were subject to the Ten Commandments. David was punished for arranging for the death of Uriah, whose wife, Bathsheba, David fell in love with. But when acting on behalf of Israel, as in fighting his people's enemies, he wasn't bound by the commandment against killing.

The Old Testament records the history of Israel, a people formed by God to receive the truth about Him, the true God, and the worship of Him alone. When the surrounding peoples threatened to swamp Israel with their numbers and their false religions, Israel had no choice but to force them out or wipe them out. If Israel had been absorbed or destroyed, there would have been no people prepared for the coming of Christ. And without Christ, there would have been no salvation for anyone. The physical death of the innocent is a hard fact to accept, but harder by far would be the spiritual death of everyone.

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