A Course in Miracles

A Course in Miracles
Question from Kathy Sekula on 8/7/2008:

My niece was advised by a psychologist friend (Church of Christ) to do "A Course in Miracles." She asked if I knew anything about it. I do not. After looking at their web-site, I'm still not sure about its basis. What do you know about it? Is is compatible with Catholic teaching? If not, is there a good spiritual course that might be more Catholic. This niece is prone to depression, is very intelligent and concrete, and she questions everything. I'd like to see her read materials that help her strengthen her Catholic faith as well as her "inner strength." Thank you, Kathy
Answer by David Gregson on 8/25/2008:

I know next to nothing about the "Course." However, red flags go up in my mind when I hear the Course is based on private revelations from Jesus Christ, particularly when the recipient of these "revelations," Helen Schucman, is said to have "channeled" them. Sounds New Agey to me.

Private revelations are always subject to doubt unless they are investigated by Catholic authorities. I find nothing suggesting any connection between the "channeler" and the Catholic Church, such that her revelations would come under Catholic scrutiny.

The danger of embracing a system based on supposed revelations is that they may have an infernal rather than a heavenly source. Remember, as St. Paul writes, Satan can transform himself into an angel of light (2 Cor 11:14).

For psychological as well as spiritual guidance, I suggest your niece read Fr. Benedict Groeschel, whose books and dvds are available from our Religious Catalogue section or most online book suppliers.


  1. For more information about A Course in Miracles, a helpful website is Gorgeous for God.

    I agree - it sounded new-agey to me too when i first heard of it, but then i started reading it and began having tremendous experiences of light and miracles, including dedicating my life to Jesus and to God, and being helpful to all. I was also healed of alcoholism and depression with the Holy Spirit's help. So even it is New Age, it worked for me.

  2. ps: I'm Catholic!